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Verbal Reasoning is almost universally used as one, or in some cases both of the test papers in the 11+ Entrance Examination. A key area tests your child’s vocabulary.

To succeed in a verbal reasoning paper a well-developed vocabulary is essential.

Welcome to Farquhar’s Vocabulary Flash Cards cards specifically created to improve your child’s verbal reasoning skills and ultimately help them succeed in the 11+ Entrance Examination.


My vocabulary flash cards are available as a pack of 4 structured sets. Each set contains 100 double sided cards:


Level 1 – Confidence building:

abduct  burrow  coop  dray  fleet miser optician  sage  taper  veto  zest...

Level 2 – Serious about vocabulary:

amalgamate  audacious  bolster  contrite disperse  fatigue  pageant  tenacious...

Opposites Level 1 – Synonyms and antonyms:

scarce/abundant   terminate/commence euphoric/melancholy   potent/feeble...

NOTE: The original Opposites set has been rebranded as Opposites Level 1, all the cards remain the same as the original set.

Compound – Challenging compounds:

lime + rick = limerick   
pen + chant = penchant   
ill + iterate = illiterate   
par + able = parable   
cap + rice = caprice...


Key features

• all words collated from recognised 11+ material

• ready to use – eliminates daunting word lists

• saves time – all the work has been done for you

• maximises your child’s potential and increases confidence

• flash card method highly recommended on recognised 11+ websites as a valuable learning technique

The competitive nature of the 11+ can make it a very stressful time for both parents and children. My carefully selected words have been collated from recognised 11+ material and aim to build confidence and vocabulary knowledge at the appropriate level of vocabulary tested in the 11+ selection examination.


NEW SET: Opposites Level 2 – Synonyms and antonyms



• Sample words – volatile/stable   uniform/diverse   verbose/laconic   
asset/liability and many more . . .

A unique set of cards – flip the card over for its corresponding antonym – double the information on one simple card.


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