Level 3

Improve 11+ Vocabulary in a Flash with Farquhar’s Vocabulary Flash Cards

Level 3 - Challenging vocabulary

Each pack comes in a durable plastic box and contains:

100 double-sided cards (200 key words)

Two metal rings

Key features

Includes unusual and old-fashioned words, such as ambivalent, trifling, tirade, procrastinate...

Complex homophones e.g. complacent/complaisant, elicit/illicit...

Commonly confused words: trait/trite, accomplice/accomplish, perpetuate/perpetrate...

A sprinkling of idioms have been added where appropriate, as another way to help tricky words “stick”

All words have appeared on practice 11+ material.

Buy Level 3 now as a separate pack for £12.99 plus p&p.


It is also available as part of a set see here.